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Body Contouring & Butt Lift Training & Certification

Course Description:


Our Business, Marketing, and Body Contouring Course includes extensive education and practical hands-on application using the latest technology in non-invasive radio-frequency, Laser Technology, LED, Vacuum Therapy, and Ultrasound machines.


All trainees will receive a certificate and will have internship opportunities with Perfect Body Aesthetics Studio to learn first hand with one-on-one training with our Master Tech.


As a Body Contouring Specialist trainees you will be prepared to go directly into this lucrative field.


  1. Anatomy & Physiology of skin

  2. Apply the theory, science, and practice of body contouring and skin tightening modalities

  3. Client qualification and consultation

  4. Pre and post-treatment considerations

  5. Mitigating and addressing post-treatment complications

  6. Regulatory environment and laser safety

  7. Best Practices Considerations

  8. Starting your own practice.

  9. Legal Forms and Documents



  1. What is Body Contouring 

  2. Bloodborne Pathogen & First Aid

  3. Business 101

  4. Marketing 101

  5. Legal

  6. Types of machines & Procedures

  7. Patient preparation & post-treatment

  8. Side effects & Complications

  9. Conclusion 

  10. Demo/hands-on training of body contouring and skin tightening using RF modalities

  11. Program evaluation & certificate distribution

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